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About Us

About Us

Hello everybody


1_Aa_1I would like to welcome you to the witch shop of Alraune Esoterik, the online shop, not only for witches, wicca, pagans and esoteric fans

Here in the Witch shop, near the city of Halle, I offer, among other things, candles, herbs and (almost) everything for rituals, ceremonies, magic and witchcraft, as well as some books on magic, witches, herbs or on out-of-body experiences (astral projection), books about tarot and tarot cards. In addition, there are pendulums, witchboards, incense, smoked plants, sticks and refractory vessels, yoga DVDs, meditation CDs and other high-quality esoteric products.


Because I use most of the esoteric and ritual items offered here myself, my knowledge and years of experience are very useful to me in choosing the products I offer here. From time to time, I also discover a lot of esoteric products, which I like to include in my assortment, but I also try them out before, to offer you anything that I would not buy myself.

I am pleased to welcome you here and wish you enjoy browsing and shopping in Alraunes Hexenladen the online shop near the city Halle.Esoterik Shop Halle Saale ..

Best regards  Alraune