Witch Box Starter-Set

Witch Box Starter-Set

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Witch Box Starter-Set

Witch Box Starter-Set made of hard cardboard, with everything that future witches / magicians need. Good for first rituals, everything is included in it for a simple ritual. Dimensions 22.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 6.5 cm.

Are included:


1 white altar cloth approx. 40 x 44 cm

1 wand to pull the protective circle about 25 cm long

1 packet of sandalwood incense sticks for the element fire (10 pieces)

1 packet of white sage  (approx. 3 grams) for the home cleaning

1 shell for the element of water and for smoking

1 turkey feather for the element air

1 rock crystal for the element earth, approx. 30 g

4 different colorful ribbons for knot magic

1 pendulum

1 incense holder with pentagram

And a witch primer (in German language) is described in the following:


What witches do and do not do

How does magic work?

Magic on new moon

Magic with increasing moon

Magic on a full moon

Magic with a waning moon

The elements and their analogies

How to build and prepare the altar

altar consecration

Meaning of the witch tools contained in the Witchbox


Smoking - effect and application

Room cleaning

knot magic

The application of the pendulum

Talismans - Amulets

Consecration of an amulet or a talisman

Simple individual ritual

The 8 witch parties

(about 3 grams)

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