Forbidden Amulets

Forbidden Amulets

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Forbidden Amulets, made of pewter, silver plated, partly gilded and decorated with Swarovski crystals. (with 52 cm long, silver-colored chain).

These "forbidden" Pendants combine archetypal images with sigils into powerful magical amulets.

  • Variant 1​: 

Thor's Hammer, ca. 33 mm x 25 mm, ca.  Gramm (incl. chain)

  • Variant 2​: 

Dragon star, ca. 55 mm x 47 mm, ca.  Gramm (incl. chain)

  • Variant 3​: 

Lamia, ca. 55 mm x 50 mm, ca.  Gramm (incl. chain)

  • Variant 4​: 

Key of Salomon, ca. 46 mm x 13 mm, ca.  Gramm (incl. chain)

As a talisman for protection, success, strength, etc., these Forbidden amulets come with a black velvet pouch (100% polyester).


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