Celtic Goddess Brighid

Celtic Goddess Brighid

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Goddess Figure


Celtic Goddess Brighid, detailed figure made of polyresin, bronzed / colored, Dimensions approx .: 16 x 16 x 16 cm. Weight about 1475 grams.

Brigid, or Brighid or Bríd, according to mythology, is the goddess of heavenly fire. So she 
is born again every morning.
At the beginning of February, crosses of straw were woven in her honor, which were then 
lit and thrown down the mountain, burning. It was believed that they would strengthen the 
power of the still young sun and protect the house and yard. It is Brigid's firepower that 
thaws ice and snow in February, allowing the waters to flow again and bring new fertility. 
That is why she is especially revered for Imbolg.
Brigid's sources purified and healed people. The goddess taught her 19 priestesses the 
healing knowledge of plants and herbs, which in turn passed it on to humans. Brigid is the 
goddess of blacksmithing, the fine arts, the hearth and the home.

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