Voodoo Orisha Oils

Voodoo Orisha Oils

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100 ml = 62.90 €


Voodoo Oils

Voodoo Orisha oils, 10 ml, made from pure natural essential oils. 
Santería (Spanish, mostly translated as "Way of the Saints") is a syncretic, African-American 
main religion in Cuba that mixes its Orishas (gods of Santería) with Catholic saints (Spanish 
The magical voodoo oils are used for a wide variety of rituals, eg. B. candle magic. It can be 
used for the salve of candles and other ritual objects, for use in the fragrance lamp, add the 
cleaning water or add their own oil blends.
Mostly they are used in magic with the Orisha candles in the glass.
They are available in the following 9 varieties:
  • Elegua
Elegua is master of all roads, intersections, gates and doors, and also of sorcery and 
cunning. Is used for the fields: closing and opening doors (physical and spiritual), for happy
coincidences, overcoming obstacles, for good destiny and new ways.
  • Chango
Chango is the god of thunder and lightning. He stands for passion and energy. Fields: life, 
vitality, passion and energy in love, success,Overcoming difficulties, defeating enemies, 
  • Obatala

Obatala is the creator god, of which all other gods are only aspects. As the eldest of the gods, he is worshiped as the creator of man. Used for: knowledge, spiritual guidance, paternity, justice and justice, purity, peace, grace, harmony.

  • Ochosi

Ochosi is the hunter and an advocate of absolute justice. Used for: justice, legal proceedings, prosecuting criminals, targeting and success, operations.

  • Ogun

Ogun is the ruler of metal and blood. He is under the control of all tools and weapons. He loves the wild and gives protection and strength to all who need to fight. Used for: protection against crime, accident and surgery, infertility, job search.


Orunla is the god of plants and remedies, and watches over all living beings. He stands for wisdom and man's ability to influence his own destiny. Used in the following fields: success, luck, health, clarity, divination.

  • Oshun
She´s be prevalent the sweet waters like streams, rivers and lakes. Oshun  is goddess of 
beauty, love, passion and sensuality, as well as money and wealth. Used for the following 
fields: love and romance, wealth, pregnancy, witchcraft or wishing magic, healing 
(especially emotional), beauty, weight loss.
  • Oya

Oya is known as a fierce warrior and protector of women. She takes care of all the cemetery gates and ensures that the dead stay where they belong. Used in the following areas: protection and prevention of spookiness on the part of the newly deceased, protection against enemies and damage spells.

  • Yemaya

Yemaya is a "mother goddess" and protects women and children. As the goddess of water, it brings abundance, prosperity and happiness. Used for the fields: motherhood, children, wealth, happiness, health, fertility and protection.

  • Seven African Powers
Seven African Powers refers to the seven Orishas we call in times of need. Often depicted 
with their pictures or symbols connected in a circle. The phrase "Seven African Powers" is 
found in various religions, including Santeria, Hoodoo and Candomble. The Orishas that 
make up the seven African powers are: Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Chango, Obatala, Oya and 


Elegua, Chango, Obatala, Ochosi, Ogun, Oshun, Orunla, Oya & Yemaya - Voodoo Orisha Oils

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