• Payment via PayPal (PayPal"Pay later", -credit card or -invoice purchase), prepayment/bank transfer
  • Wide Assortment
  • info@alraune-esoterik.shop
  • Payment via PayPal (PayPal"Pay later", -credit card or -invoice purchase), prepayment/bank transfer
  • Wide Assortment
  • info@alraune-esoterik.shop

If you have any questions about ordering, delivery or shipping or any other questions, have a look here

The minimum order value is € 10.00 (plus shipping costs).

We currently ship all orders in one package, if everything is available, and also no longer make partial deliveries on request in order not to overload the capacities in the package network even more. For the corresponding delivery times, please refer to the item page under the price. The capacity in the parcel centres is currently exhausted. Therefore, your shipments currently take significantly longer than usual.

This also means that our goods orders are currently arriving later and the delivery times indicated on the products may be somewhat longer. We ask for your understanding for the current situation, which unfortunately could not have been foreseen by us to this extent.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1.1 How to order?

You simply order here via the secure shopping cart system of the online shop. After receiving the order you will receive an automatic order confirmation by email.

If you order in advance, you will receive an email during the day, with all payment information.

If you do not have an email address, (Or ​​the email did not reach you, which unfortunately happens again and again for technical reasons, then please check your spam folder first. I send you the order confirmation with the payment information by letter.

In order to ensure a flawless, fastest possible and legally compliant processing of orders, it is not possible to receive orders by email or telephone. But for questions, suggestions or advice, I am very happy to help you in these ways.

Orders are placed by prepayment. You can also pay for your order via PayPal. Here you have the option of paying directly via PayPal. Or PayPal "Pay later", via PayPal with credit card or via PayPal invoice purchase.

After receipt of money you will receive a confirmation email, about the money received, and the goods will be sent to you within 2 - 5 working days.

Should something be sold out and therefore have a longer delivery time, you will receive an email from me (otherwise the delivery times for each product on the product, in the online shop, specified) and the missing product is immediately reordered by me.

If it happens in very rare cases, that a product sold out and not at all available, you will of course get your money back, if you have already paid.

If the goods are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation by email.

If you have not paid after 4 - 6 days, you will receive an email with a reminder. If you do not respond, I will cancel the order after 3 more reminders and 20 days. But it would be nice if you would announce your cancellation, because the ordered goods are reserved for you or possibly ordered separately.For this you can simply send an email to info@alraune-esoterik.shop, or fill in the text field on the contact page. All you need to do is state your name and the order number

of your order and state your cancellation request.You do not need to specify areason for the cancellation.

1.2 How to exchange something?

Should you ever want to exchange something, just make use of the right of revocation, send the goods back and make a new order through the shop. Please note when returning the item that it will be charged with the new order.

You can transfer the difference amount, or for a possible remittance give your bank account, this will of course be kept confidential, and will be deleted after the return transfer. If you have paid via PayPal, I will return the amount to you via this secure portal.

If something should be broken:

In this case, please take a picture of the package and the broken goods.

Because I check all the goods again before packing, it can only have happened during the transport, then I make the parcel service liable. Of course, you will get a replacement for free immediately.

If you do not like something ...

Do you have a 14-day right of return, which begins with the arrival of the package, with you. You re-pack the item and send it back. To announce the return, you can send an email, or the input field of the contact form on the "contact page". You take the parcel to the post office, where you will receive a receipt. Please lift it until I confirm the receipt of the package. Then you get the purchase price refunded immediately.

In case of a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact me. I always strive to deliver everything quickly and to your fullest satisfaction, should an error happen to me, I will of course fix it as soon as possible.

Please understand, however, that accepting calls depending on the order volume is unfortunately not always possible. I therefore prefer to contact me via email to the email address info@alraune-esoterik.shop, no matter what, at which time, I will answer immediately.