Hair Clips With Stones

Hair Clips With Stones

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Gemstone Hair Clips

Hair Accessories

Hair Clips With Stones, made of synthetic resin and decorated with semi-precious stones, hand-made by an artist, so the look always varies.

With stickSize approx .: 10 -11 cm (length) x 5 - 6 cm (width),

Or with clip Size approx .: 8 cm (length) x 5 - 6 cm (width)

  • Hair Clip With Amethyst

  • Hair Clip With Hematite

  • Hair Clip With red Jasper

  • Hair Clip With Rock Crystal

  • Hair Clip With Malachite

  • Hair Clip With Obsidian

  • Hair Clip With Rose quartz

  • Hair Clip With Turquoise

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